Let’s start from the end which is really just the middle. I left my flat in Edinburgh at 4:00 in the morning. It was dark and there wasn’t a soul outside. Strong wind loads. I tighten my coat to my body and cover myself completely, thinking how one of the stories I wrote fits to this city, at this hour.
I start to recite it in English and it fits. It just fits. I smile to myself, satisfied that I found the place and the set that fits to a story I once wrote. From time to time there is such strong wind that pushes me from the back and makes me speed up the pace of my steps. When I reached to the bus station I already finished reciting the story twice. 4 pounds and I’m on my way to the airport.


Today is my last day in dance base. I woke up with the feeling I want to take the time and not like every morning in the last two weeks going straight to the studio.
I’m sitting in a cafe place after drinking an OK espresso and eating OK blueberries muffin. I’m not rushing. Lifting my eyes from my computer I recognize all the people in the cafe are busy with reading a book or a newspaper.
Nobody is speaking. It’s Quiet. Why is this cafe place so busy?
It’s one of the most not unique places I’ve been, serving the most mediocre products.
There are all kinds of pastries, cookies and sandwiches not really tasty but not totally repulsive.
The coffee is not amazing and still people going in and out like ants.
Every two seconds a thin, high voice comes out from behind the counter: “Hi ladies what can I get for you this morning?” Or “What do you fancy today?”. She keeps a nice representation all the time. “There you go…” she serves someone the cookie he just bought.
The Old ladies who entered just now through the doors look happy. A Couple is sitting at the table in front of me.
At the most distant corner sits an elderly couple. They don’t look at each other. They look beyond one another. Sometimes both of them are looking at distant point. I’m imagining it’s the same point.
A pink man with an orange shirt and big glasses reading his newspaper.
In the Opposite diagonal, Dressed badly, a Woman with a pink rubber band and a pink shirt, reading her book.
A redhead woman touching her phone and frantically begins to tick.
Four, Happy, Well maintained, dressed in purple old ladies drinking their latte. A Couple talking. One man alone Reading his book and drinking latte. Another girl with her iPad..Latte.
“Small cappuccino or dabble?”, “Hi there can I help anyone?”, “7.50 please, thank you! … Enjoy your week end!”
Meanwhile, two women came into the cafe. I didn’t see what they ordered but there is no doubt that Latte is the most popular hot drink. They love milk here and lots of it.