A site specific performance, viewed from the street through the windows of an under constructions’ hotel in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The creation Invites residents from the city, Tel- Aviv to watch a show from the street through the windows of Nachmani 23 building and stimulate their curiosity about the structure, condition of the site and what is happening inside. The show consists from lighting installation and dance.

In the performance, the deserted building comes to life as if ghosts are inside.
The viewer is led throughout the narrative between the windows of the building. The Viewer is exposed only to the images he is seeing in the windows and he does not know what other events are taking place in the building and hidden from his eye.
The show seeks to explore and provide the viewer the experience of peeping that is in our culture and allow doing so without feeling embarrassed


Choreography: Ella Rothschild.
Lighting and Co-Creator: Omer Sheizaf.
Performers: Matan Daskal, Zev Tene, Ariadna Montfort, Noa Paran.
Music: Leo Sujatovich, Zeitlet x-emble.
Photography: Yuval Hidas.