is a creation commissioned for the Balletto Teatro di Torino (BTT) Dance Company. Torino, Italy.

Timeline was developed from an earliest creation FEED that made during 2018.  Timeline continues dealing with the similarities and differences in the behavior of people in relation to social conventions. Timeline is investigating and deepening the research into different life-changing events that occur during a lifetime as it lingers on the less comfortable moments that people may face over their course of life.


Production: Balletto Teatro di Torino Dance Company
Choreography: Ella Rothschild
Dancers: Lisa Mariani, Nadja Guesewell, Viola Scaglione, Flavio Ferruzzi, Hillel Perlman
Emanuele Piras
Wilma Puentes Linares
Light designer: Yoav Barel
Costumes designer: Walter&Hamlet
Assistant Costumes designer: Lorenzo Ferrarotto
Rehearsal manager: Veli Pekka Peltokallio

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