Milk teeth – was created as part of kammerballetten program. This work is the second chapter in a trilogy of works on Franz Schubert music.

My parents’ house is in a village not so far from Tel-Aviv. It’s the last house on the left or the first house on the right, depending on how you look at their street. The road that leads to their home ends 100 meters before reaching their entrance door. That means that final stretch has to be travelled through a sandy road. I used to think it’s the end of the world.
When I come back home, I always sit at the same seat at the dinner table. We have the same arguments and I take the same place in the argument. I usually take my father’s side, even if sometimes my mother is right. It makes her angry.
It doesn’t matter how far I travel, how much time I was gone or the things that I’ve done. When I’m coming back home, I’m going back to be the girl I was when I was six, eleven, or fourteen. I do the same routines without intending to. My feet and my mouth have their own habits that, apparently, just unbreakable. My home has its own universe. In it – sorrow, loss and compassion exists and entwined. In that universe, I’m forever a child.


Choreography: Ella Rothschild
Collaborators and performers: Kirsten Olesen, Simon Duus, Douglas Letheren, Emilie Leriche, Kayleigh Smerud and Alexander Mckenzie
Photos and Videos: Tom McKenzie
Music: Franz Schubert
Musician: Alexander McKenzie
Lighting design: Roger Irman
Lighting Operator: Anton Stender
Tailor: Christina Rantzau Schimmel
Wardrobe Master: Søren Johannessen
Stage Technician: Kevin Neugebohren