A duet, collaboration with the Japanese actor and dancer Mirai Moriyama. Preformed in “Japan dance week” in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Produced by Suzanne Dellal Center. Following the story, “heed my plea,” written by the Japanese writer Osamu Dazai created a duet based on the complex relationship between Judas and Jesus. The duet is a combination of movement, text and music. One story that brings together two different views, cultures and languages . Whole conversations translated into a movement that includes not only the marriage plot leads, but also the ensuing dialogue between two strangers who are trying to convey their ideas to one another. Through personal discovery and endless misunderstandings, revealed a surprising interpretation of a familiar story.

Photos: Yoav Barel

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Video of the show  

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Dance and Choreography: Ella Rothschild.
Dancer and Co-Creator: Mirai Moriyama.
Costume Designer: Inbal Ben Zaken.
Art and Design Objects: Zohar Shoef.
Music: Leo Sujatovich– La Antena, Balmorhea – Constellations.
Video: Yaniv Pascal.