Music: Umitaro Abe and Ichiko Aoba

A dance installation in the Spiral gallery, Tokyo, Japan.

This project is a continuation of my collaboration with the Japanese actor and dancer Mirai Moriyama.
The performance consists of choreographed sections and improvisations of dance and music.
Each evening in the Spiral gallery hall, a different atmosphere was created by integrating a musical composition (that changed daily), dancing, lighting and costumes.

In the process we had one or two sessions with the musicians before the first performance.
It was the first time for the musicians to play with each other, as it was for us to dance and perform with their music.

The different scenarios that were created every evening revealed new possibilities for our encounter.
Each time, we found a new story, a new and refreshing way of approaching our material and a new sense of time over the duration of a performance.

Musicians: Ichiko Aoba, Shogo Yoshii, Tsubasa Hori, Umitaro Abe, U-zhaan

From the shows

Music: Tsubasa Hori and U-zhaan


Music: Shogo Yoshii, Ichiko Aoba, U-zhaan


Director: Ella Rothschild.
Collaborator: Mirai Moriyama.
Dancers: Mirai Moriyama, Ella Rothschild.
Music: Ichiko Aoba, Shogo Yoshii, Tsubasa Hori, Umitaro Abe, U-zhaan
Costume design: Michal Hidas, Inbal Ben Zaken
Light design: Yasuyuki Yoshieda
Production: Spiral