On the Edge of Nowhere is the second chapter in a trilogy of works created by Ella Rothschild for Batsheva Dance Company*.
Chapter I — Summer Snow

Dive in

The work functions as an interactive website through which the visitor enters an uncanny space.

The visitor-viewer is invited to wander through a dense room, filled with objects and an elusive human presence – that of another viewer, a stranger.

The room operates as a map of sorts and becomes interactive as the visitor moves through the space and discovers clickable buttons which unravel additional videos, audio tracks and drawings.
The point of view is doubly voyeuristic and disturbing as the spectator infiltrates and explores the space. It becomes clear that the absent character is himself surveilling a world that he does not belong to; invading into a space of other entities, sometimes without their knowledge, rummaging through their objects as if supervising and perhaps navigating their world.

While this digital sphere is located in a space that seems realistic, wandering in it leaves the visitor with a surreal and erratic sensation. The accumulation of fragmented information leads the viewer on an enigmatic trail from the outside world into a mysterious inside.

* The website On the Edge of Nowhere is the second installment of an art project that includes three artistic products: a dance piece for the stage, an audio-visual sphere in a designated website, and a book of drawings.


Directed and choreographed: Ella Rothschild
Drawings: Ella Rothschild
Video for the website (cinematography and editing): Roee Shalti
Site: Theleague- koby levy, Jasmine Nackash
Performed by Batsheva Dance Company Dancers Season 2020/21: Chen Agron, Billy Barry, Yael Ben Ezer, Matan Cohen, Ben Green, Chiaki Horita, Sean Howe, Chun Woong Kim, Londiwe Khoza, Shir Levy, Ohad Mazor, Igor Ptashenchuk, Yoni (Yonatan) Simon, Hani Sirkis, Amalia Smit, Nitzan Ressler
Dramaturgy: Tal Yahas
Animation development of Puppets and Objects: Gony Paz
Costume Design: Inbal Ben Zaken
Stage Design and Props: Gadi Tzachor
Original Music: Gershon Waiserfirer 
Puppets Designers and Makers: Gili Kozin Ulmer and Yana Malyshev
Text in audio: Billy Barry, Yael Ben Ezer, Matan Cohen, Ben Green, Chiaki Horita, Sean Howe, Yoni (Yonatan) Simon, Hani Sirkis, Amalia Smit, Nitzan Ressler

Batsheva Dance Company

Batsheva Dance Company
Artistic director: Gili Navot
Executive director: Dina Aldor
House Choreographer: Ohad Naharin;
Company and stage manager: Yaniv Nagar
Senior rehearsal directors: Matan David, Noa Paran;
Production manager: Dana Katz Naaman
Technical director: Roni Cohen
Director of sound: David Bell
Director of lighting: Eliav Refaeli
Sewing workshop manager: Haya Geiman
Tailor: Danny Kalmer
Wardrobe manager: Shoshi Or-Lavi
Production Coordinator: Yaara Sharon

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