So, in the last few days I past twice in Istanbul airport, spent few days in Brussels, been back to Tel-Aviv for less than 24 hours, performing goldfish, slept for one night in Tokyo and now I’m in an airplane on my way to Matsuyama. Tonight I will be back again to Tokyo .
I entered to my hotel room at around 9:30 PM. It looks like a road hotel you see in Hollywood movies. I went down to the lobby and ate my first Japanese meal this visit in the hotel restaurant, which have a direct excess to the domestic airport.
I ordered together with the udon noodles a small bottle of hot sake. I didn’t sleep very well in the last 48 hours and I was sure this small bottle will send me strait to bed.
Well… as it accord, the small bottle was not that small and I continued drinking the sake slowly in my room long after I finished my meal at the restaurant.
It was 1:00 AM. I felt the tiredness in my body but I couldn’t sleep. Instead, I started to write the music task I got from Belgium that day and was waiting for me in my mail.
I still had one day to do it but I knew that if I wouldn’t do it now I’m not going to do it at all. I wrote it until 2:30 AM and finally when I was done and got into my hotel bed I couldn’t fall asleep. Three hours and I need to be ready for my next flight.
The phone didn’t need to ring more than one in order for me to wake up. I was on my feet ready to roll. 15 minutes and I’m going through the door from the hotel to the departure gates. Hot Coffee from a plastic bottle (you got to love Japan) and I’m on my way.. to be continued..

Small glimpses from the future production I’m going to make in Japan. A bit from the place, the apartment I will live in during my stay in Uchiko and of course the theater.