I’m not trying to control the situation. This was the decision I took that morning. Other people will conduct my time.
And me? I will go with the flow and we’ll see what happens.
This is how I found myself going around with Sakiko, the agent and Maho the art reporter, both kind, beautiful, with polished nails, well dressed, ladies.
We went together to Mano’s friend restaurant in shibuya. She told me she knows him from when they where young hippies, almost 10 years ago and now he became a very successful boss. When we arrived I saw a small, beautiful bakery as later when I got a huge bag with all kinds of pastry, I found out it belongs to the restaurant. As we walked up the stairs, I knew it’s going to be good and I was dead hungry.
This is the time to remark it was an Italian restaurant and I know It’s a bit funny to eat Italian food in Japan but as I said before, I was going with the flow..
Fine red wine on the table and small pieces of bread from the bakery. A carrot cream aperitif was placed in front of me. I took a sip from the wine and I felt warmth feeling spread in my body.
The meal was long and delicious; through the roasted organic vegetable that included all kinds of roots and unbelievable tasty tomatoes to the Japanese vegetable spaghetti that was surprising and delightful.
The next thing that happened was Very surreal and weird. I guess they asked me in one point how old I am and I told them that I just became 30 last month. So.. When desserts came to our table, I got a big plate with small cakes. A candle was placed on one of the cakes and it was written on the plate “happy birthday”!
Really….I didn’t know what to do. I continued floating.. and eating. We celebrate my birthday that was more than a month ago.
I’m embarrassed to write, they later took me for a foot massage and I fell asleep like a small baby. I’m being spoiled!
The day continued between drinking hot Japanese drinks In small bars and finished late at night with a perfect Japanese meal.