As my staying in the US is coming closer to the end so is the challenge that kept me busy in the last two weeks.
Every day in the last two weeks I had to create one minute video, upload and share it immediately on the same day.
The video’s content wasn’t important, though it was better if it was interesting…
and the challenge wasn’t easy…
I would expect that as days go by it would become easier but it wasn’t the case at all.
I found myself collecting footage of stairways, random walls, windows view and my own feet… just in order for me to have an “artistic materials”  for the next video I was suppose to upload later that day.
Most of this “artistic” footage didn’t get in to the movies and left on the cutting room floor.
I’m not Lars von trier.

I usually tried to respond to the current events that were happening around me
or to connect it to my experiences here in America.

The only reason I was able to make it, was the meaningful threat I was under.
If I would miss one day in those two weeks I would have to bear the consequences.
In a few words, the threat was that for every day I’m not posting a video, 20$ will be transferred from my bank account to different right wing extreme groups.
Alt-right, Haters-for-Trump.. stuff like that…
The threatener didn’t hesitate to wave this threat in front of me, each day I was a little bit late.
I was under a lot of pressure.

Today I’m happy to announce that the challenge has come to an end.
I completed it and the threat is gone.
I have 280$ in my pocket.

Here is the whole task – 14 videos – 17 minutes in total-

Day 1 – Reading PM Nethanyahu’s post in my Washington, DC office.


Day 2 – Still shocked… the Trump hotel in DC


Day 3 – And then I discovered a security cam..


Day 4 – Enjoying my working visa in the USA


Day 5 – my daily video from Washington DC


Day 6 – And then Bannon…


Day 7 – The story of Himnon

You have reached to the middle! well done!
Seven to go..

Day 8 – A lovely day in Baltimore

Day 9 – A trailer for the next daily video

Day 9 – Good morning..


Day 10 – That never-ending night


Day 11 – The speech you didn’t hear.. but what if?

Three to go!

Day 12 – Where is the autumn? I feel that someone fooled me.


Day 13 – My daily trip in the freezer


Day 14 – Mission completed! 14 videos in 14 days…FB you won’t hear from me anymore..until next time.