The shows are done and i feel so happy and thankful. It was a wonderful, existing and fulfilling experience.

This is my 7th time in Japan and I’m writing these words from my temporary apartment is Shibuya. It’s close to the new year and the streets are full with people. When I’m going back to the apartment after the show I’m thinking about how the streets of Tokyo are different from the streets of Tel Aviv.

I met Mirai in a sunny afternoon in Lincoln st. on the Tachtit cafe in the center of Tel Aviv, Israel.
We set the meeting a day before and I was worried he wouldn’t find the place.
He was still new in the city.
Tachtit, is a nice local cafe with good food , great atmosphere and the most important thing was that it was close to my apartment in Tel Aviv.
We were sitting outside at a small table and instead of ordering food, we order two glasses of Arak, which is a good anise alcoholic drink that I love. Since then, every meeting we had in Tel Aviv, we opened with two glasses of Arak.

Our first rehearsals took place in Suzzan Dellal, the dance center in Tel Aviv. We worked in a small studio with lots of windows. If I would look through them I could see the top of the trees.
I didn’t really know at the beginning what I want to create on Mirai and with him, but I had that image that in one hand I’m holding a glass of red wine and on the other hand I’m holding his hand.
I thought we should try dancing without letting our grip go.

I can’t really say or write what makes two different people to connect, but communication has many shapes and forms that surprise me every time. The in-between moments and the small gestures create beautiful art, fantasies and friendships.

One of the best moments I remember from working in Uchiko were the meals we cooked in our shared apartment. Big breakfasts, big lunches and big dinners.
Then jumping to Yokohama, I loved the small unique restaurants we went to after we were done with the rehearsals.
In Tokyo I feel nostalgic and I love that we go back to the same cafes or eat dinners in the same places we ate a one and half years ago.

I do not know where and when we’ll meet next.
I still don’t know who will join us to our journey, but I’m sure it will continue to an unexpected revelations.

Enjoy the show

The Spiral team and the different musicians who played with us in the three shows.

Tomorrow I’m starting my two weeks vacation in Japan.
Happy new year!