Few thoughts she has these days. Sometimes she feels not really in the place she’s supposed to be.
She doesn’t speak the way she wants to and the words that come out of her mouth are not the words she would usually use.
She dresses not exactly like she wants to dress. She always feels slightly uncomfortable. Small thoughts occupy her brain as she does her normal tasks: in the morning when she brushes her teeth and late at night, when she tries to fall asleep.
There is a constant noise from her stomach that often sounds like sirens or like the sound of the sewer outside her door in her neighborhood, where she lives. That special noise creates awkward moments when she’s with company… to add to that, tiny pains appear and disappear from different places in her body.

She asks herself…  “What the fuck?!”

Then she answers herself as well… “Relax. These will pass. Just take some vitamin C and some other supplements and you will feel better”. Anyway, time is passing and she knows she can’t do anything about it. Tomorrow will come if she wants it or not.
That understanding makes her calm.

Over the past month, I and the staff that works with me were working on and thinking how to bring ACORD out from the Hanut31 Theater Gallery to the Batsheva Dance Company studio.
The last few days of work were really intensive. I almost feel like I’m in a whole new production.
Despite the fact that I’ve been performing this show for quite a lot, it feels like I’m going to perform it for the first time.
I’m excited about the changes and I still don’t know where and how it will end.
There are two weeks in front of me and I have so many things to try out with the new setup.
I think it’s one of those rare times when I can’t wait for Sunday.

So.. With all that been said, I would be very happy to see you in Thursday 15/1 and share with you the results I’m so proud of.