This April, I was working on a new creation that was a result of the unique encounter between my material and the BTT dance company. I discovered the different personalities of the perforemers and emphasized the extremes in their unique characteristics. 

Togehter with the dancers, I was collecting images that built a parallel world to our reality. A space in a different galaxy. The new space has familiar behavior but in the same time there is something exaggerated and disturbing in it. This world consists of sorrow and death, but also, life and love. Not necessarily love driven to someone else, but love that intended for a specific place from the past.

I liked to check if there is a connection between romantic nostalgia and a scenario in the reality which can be sometimes, painful.

The premiere will take place on December 14-15, 2018 in Lavanderia a Vapore, Turin, Italy.

Photos by Asif Malik