October 30, 2020 @ 20:00 – 21:30
Luzern theater

Three women have created the dance pieces for this program. They are very different. Yet the topic is always the same: Who am I really? The dance company comes from Lucerne and has been very successful for the past ten years
three strong personalities question the meaning of identity with virtuosity and humor.

British choreographer Carolin Finn takes a wild ride through fantasy and reality in search for the uniqueness in each and everyone of us. Ella Rothschild from Israel questions how one’s own identity changes in a group context. Swiss artist Jasmine Morand focuses on our visual perception, which is always subjective and never without a personal filter. How much can we really trust our perception, after all? «I am who I am who I am» – an intelligent, humorous and decidedly female view of the world!

Three premieres by three women packed into one production: a rarity in itself. The title of the production opening the 17th edition of Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps says it all: «I am who I am who I am». Kathleen McNurney, director of TLT since 2009, has formed an ensemble over the years which compares favorably with significantly bigger companies worldwide. In close collaboration with Steps, she has chosen three young guest choreographers, thus connecting the ensemble of TLT with the independent scene. The choreographers were all faced with the same task: to create a piece on the theme «identity». The result: cosmopolitan, individual and anything but identical.

Programme: I am who Iam who I am

Choreography: Caroline Finn, Jasmine Morand, Ella Rothschild

Artistic direction: Kathleen McNurney

Costumes: Eva Butzkies

Lighting/stage design: Guy Hoare

Dancers: Zach Enquist, Elisabeth Gareis, Phoebe Jewitt, Giovanni Insaudo, Carlos Kerr Jr., Valeria Marangelli, Igli Mezini, Eduarda Pereira Santos, Flavio Quisisana, Aurélie Robichon, Sandra Salietti Aguilera, Andrea Thompson, Gonçalo Torres dos Reis, Tom van de Ven

Co-production: Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps, Luzerner Theater