I started to buy my groceries on the supermarket next to the studio I’m working now in Bat Yam.
Every time I finish my rehearsals, I would go to the bus station next to the supermarket and see loads of people come out of it with endless number of bags full of groceries.
It didn’t matter at what time during the day. It could be in the middle of the day or even at ten o’clock at night. I could always see people and bags. One time as I was waiting for the bus I watched an old couple loading their car with bags after a big buy. I’ve asked them what is the deal with this supermarket?. Is it good?, and by good, I meant, cheap with variety of products. The lady answered with a heavy Russian accent that this is the cheapest supermarket she found in this area so she and her husband drive from far a way to shop here. That convinced me, and I decide to experience it myself. The next day I was early for my rehearsal time in the studio so I went to pay a visit in the supermarket. When I entered, a big space was opening in front of me, diverse vegetables and fruits, nuts, and all the things you can think of.
I love supermarkets. I can spend a lot of time between the lines looking on the options it offers me and choosing in the end many products that I didn’t intend to buy before I entered.
So my first impression was good… I scanned the shelves and chose my treat.
Going ahead for the register I noticed that three lines are open but the lines are paced and with no movement. Strange, it’s early in the morning, not a lot of people, so I couldn’t understand.
I’m doing a small pause here and I note in front of you that if I like to stroll between the supermarkets products, the one thing I hate is to stand and wait on line.
The lines in this supermarket were definitely not moving. I was looking anxiously forward to see what the reason for that delay is. My rehearsal was getting closer and I didn’t want to be late. I’m looking ahead and I notice that the cashier is the slowest person I ever saw. I almost felt she is moving in slow-motion. She had a tired face and she did a mistake in every bill she made. I looked over to the other lines and… The same slow motion movement!. I gave up, left my things behind and went out towards my rehearsal. I will buy there next time.
My second tryout was the day after. It was the same beginning. Nice stroll in the supermarket and a clash on the register! I couldn’t believe it! I never saw a person move a product so slow through the barcode reader machine. Wow. Something was wrong with the cashiers in that supermarket. There is something weird about the division of work in that place but I couldn’t put my finger on what it is exactly. The third incident happened when I wanted to purchase few apples and some nuts. I noticed a pigeon walking between the lines of products. I was disgusted. I felt dirty just from the pigeon presence. A woman that reached with me to the register complained in front of the cashier about the presence of the pigeon and about the fact that it’s dirty and there are children products that will be infected by this pigeon. The cashier turned her head as slow as she can and asked… where?
There! There, said the women, and pointed towards the direction of the bird. The cashier replied slowly. I can’t see it. The women got angry and started to speech.. I was watching all of it from the side and I already knew it wouldn’t matter. The cashier turned back and started to move the groceries bags as slow as she can again and all the customers were waiting impatiently to their turn. When I finally got out of there I had a clear thought that all the workers there arrived from another plant. As if something controlling their bodies and they are collecting information about the human race. They had the brilliant idea of opening the cheapest supermarket that will draw all the residence around. I’m convinced. This is supermarket that runs by aliens and one day they will take over Bat Yam.