Pictures by: Ascaf Avraham

Artistic Director: Dana Ruttenberg
 DANCE invites choreographers, dramaturgs, dancers and other Artists to two 24 hour “speed-spin-blind-dates” culminating in 10 one-time-only dance works.

The project was inspired by preceding projects in Film, Theater and Architecture, and is the first of its kind in Dance.

The game consists of two 24 hour “rounds” of creation: An initial raffle determines the creative teams. Each group comprises of a choreographer, a “Second Eye” (Dramaturg/Director/Dance Researcher) and a varying number of dancers. Next, the parameters for creation are drawn. These include spatial and thematic constrictions/challenges. From then until the public showcase, each team has 24 hours to create a Dance work to be performed live.

The rehearsal project is documented by a photographer and videographer. Videos from the rehearsal studios will be streamed live, and the still images will be showcased for the audience pre-show in a “Pop-Up Exhibition”.

Now more than ever we encounter our need for community. We experience it in our lively activity in social networks as well as the growing social discourse around us. We are thirsty for dialogue with one another towards some common interest.

Artistically speaking, when there is no community, competition takes its place. Competition breeds seclusion, and each artist finds him or herself “entrapped” in the familiar. Here, the element of chance and the short process pushes towards new combinations of artistic forces to occur, and creative blocks to be smashed. Each of the “players” can safely peek out – or completely leave behind – their comfort zone and re-imagine his or her range of exploration for these two days.

October 26-27, 2017